SY VESSEL: Innovation in the UK malt distilling sector

Winter Barley

NEW to the SYNGENTA winter malting barley portfolio is the ground-breaking variety SY VESSEL.

SY VESSEL is the only non-GN winter malting barley commercially available on the UK market. The special quality of SY VESSEL makes it unique in the winter malting sector being the only winter type offering malt distilling potential alongside that of brewing.

Did you know?

  • The UK distilling market require malting barley varieties with low levels of a compound called glycosidic nitrile (non-GN varieties).
  • All winter barleys on the UK market are currently GN producers and therefore only suitable for use in brewing
  • To date, the spring barley crop has been the only source of grain for use in the malt distilling industry

SY VESSEL at a glance:

  • The only non-GN winter malting barley on the UK market
  • Special quality variety with potential for malt distilling
  • Contracts available in East Anglia, Northern England, and parts of Scotland - check locally for contract availability
  • Comparable yields to CRAFT with high specific weight
  • Ability to achieve grain nitrogen suitable for both brewing and malt distilling
  • Full UK National Listing


Other benefits:

  • Winter barley has earlier harvest, protecting grain quality in wet harvests
  • Having a supply of winter and spring barley for malt distilling gives more choice and flexibility to growers, maltsters and distillers
  • SY VESSEL can achieve the right nitrogen levels for brewing and malt distilling, opening up two different markets for sale

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