Huddersfield Public Information Zone

Huddersfield public information zone

Our manufacturing operations in Huddersfield stem from a heritage of more than 100 years. Today, the site is a leading supplier of premium brand crop protection products used by farmers to protect crops from pests, disease and weeds. Products made in Huddersfield help farmers achieve higher yields from their crops, providing better quality food and lowers costs for consumers.

We employ over 400 skilled employees, chemists, engineers, technical production and support staff, dedicated to professional manufacturing and more than 80% of our employees live locally in Kirklees. We are very much local people making products for a global market.

Syngenta in Huddersfield has an important part to play in helping to feed a growing world population and makes a significant contribution to the local economy by way of jobs, apprenticeships and trade.

If you can hear the siren but do not receive a letter from us, it is because sound can travel further than it is required to and your property is unlikely to be affected if our sirens are sounded outside of the test window. If you do receive one of the following letters from us, then please take time to understand what steps to take as part of our Community Safety Plan.

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