Let's go and grow together

Every farm is unique, and at the heart of every farm is a grower facing tough decisions.

Volatile weather

Changing environments

Unpredictable markets

These are just some of the daily challenges.

We’re there to be a companion you can count on.

After all, we owe it to you.
You grow our seeds.

Overcoming tough challenges which can affect your livelihood is part of what being a farmer is all about. We understand these obstacles, which is why we are on hand to offer practical solutions which help you get the most out of your seeds. Syngenta isn’t just a seed seller, we’re here to work with farmers every step of the way.

Our experience combined with the latest in agricultural technology helps growers from all over the world make the best decisions for their farms and fields. We are dedicated in our research and are constantly striving to achieve the very best for our customers.

We are helping to put farmers back in control and give them a sense of stability. Our objective is to ensure that every grower we work with is equipped with the best tools against uncertainty.

We’re proud of our products and their quality is down to the love, sweat and tears that our growing partners put into them. With the global resources of Syngenta, we're creating new generations of seeds with greater vitality and better disease resistance. Our solutions will help you stop worrying about the future and leave you prepared for anything the elements can throw at you.

Farming is a people business.
That’s why we say to everyone, let’s go and grow together

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  • 8 cereal plant breeders

    across the UK dedicated to providing our agronomic partners with the very best in plant genetics and improving upon Syngenta's existing product range

  • 800+ people

    employed at our key research and development centre in Jealott's Hill where we continue to innovate and expand our knowledge on all things agricultural

Farming isn’t always easy, which is why we will always be by your side from the start. Day in, day out, through thick and thin, from sunrise to sunset, you can count on us.

Through our field force and Cropwise® tools, you can have all of Syngenta’s knowledge and experience available at your fingertips to better inform your growing decisions.

We are optimising our products and services to help you reduce costs and minimise losses leading to stable yields and more stable income.

A lot of work goes into ensuring we can offer the best quality products to farmers. Whether you farm 2 fields or 200 fields, we are committed to helping you get the most from them

From great plans to great plants

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