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Leafy Salad

Leafy Salad Range

Syngenta is a world-leading plant science company committed to promoting sustainable agriculture through innovative research and technology. We increase crop yield and quality by supplying market leading varieties and crop protection products.



Benefits of Challenge

  • One of the benchmark varieties in the industry
  • Summer harvest security
  • Flexibility around the time of harvest due to its excellent field standing ability
  • Suitable for dual purpose use – whole head or processing
  • Very strong against internal tipburn
  • Stress reliability in summer period
  • Performs on a broad range of soil types throughout the country


Benefits of Icecastle

  • Flexible and robust variety giving consistent results in a wide range of soil types
  • Uniform semi-domed heads are well covered by a dark green wrapper leaf
  • The shape, combined with smooth base ribs, results in a head that is easy to harvest and pack, for excellent whole head shelf presentation
  • Well layered and open internal structure also makes this variety an ideal processing choice
  • TBSV (Tomato bushy stunt virus) resistant



Pivotal Romaine Syngenta salad

Benefits of Pivotal

  • Excellent bolting tolerance
  • Achieves good head weights
  • Strong against twisting



Benefits of Actina

  • Reliable medium-framed variety
  • Very high internal and external tip burn tolerance
  • Upright and well-filled heart
  • Dual purpose variety suitable for both retail and processing


Benefits of Merinos

  • Dark green Little Gem
  • Taller than Lunos (13.5 cm in trials)
  • Strong against tipburn
  • Full season production
  • Consistent shape



Benefits of Parole

  • Excellent quality and field holding
  • Average head weight with good bolting tolerance
  • Head fill good, non-compact
  • Good vigour in colder periods

Baby Leaf


Benefits of Crispita II

  • High yielding when compared to standard baby green lettuce
  • Fully mildew resistant to Downy Mildew (Bl 16-31)
  • Good field holding
  • Suitable for both outdoor and protected production
  • Crispy and crunchy with sweet taste
  • Good shelf life


Benefits of Kerrita

  • Super dark red baby cos
  • Good leaf shape and colour
  • Good earliness
  • Strong processable leaf
  • Excellent field holding and yield
  • High downy mildew resistance



Benefits of El Tajin

  • Alternative resistance package to El Real and El Ruedo
  • Very thick leaves