Five things you might not know about BAZOOKA

Hybrid Barley

BAZOOKA is part of the Syngenta hybrid barley portfolio and an excellent choice for drilling this autumn. Here are five things you may not know about it...

  1. BAZOOKA has been on the RL since 2016 and since 2019 it has consistently delivered 104-105% of control means
  2. The OO naming convention means that this variety was named by our colleagues elsewhere in Europe
  3. BAZOOKA was one of the varieties that was used in early trials exploring the superior suppressive effects of hybrid barley against grass weeds like black-grass
  4. The BAZOOKA cow proved so popular that it featured in the SY KINGSBARN advert and was brought back for the “Cow about that” advert for SY NEPHIN
  5. In the most recent AHDB RL harvest results for 2023 BAZOOKA remains in the top 10 for yield out of all listed winter barleys


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