Voluntary Groups welcomed at Connecting Communities Fair

Syngenta Team With Charity Groups

The annual event brings together local good causes and Syngenta staff, with a view to maximising use of its Syngenta Employees Community Gift scheme – a fund where staff make contributions from wages to help local community groups with their projects. Staff link up with groups and hear about what is happening in the community, with a view to tapping in to resources of the Gift Fund.

Every Community Group who attended on the day received a £250 donation from the Syngenta Employees Community Gift, to show appreciation for giving up their time to attend. Groups who attended this occasion included: Project Youth Cancer, Focus4Hope, Change - Grow - Live, Forget Me Not Child, Give a Few Words, Fresh Futures, The Lighthouse Club and HomeStart.

For more information about the Syngenta Employees Community Gift Scheme, please email:  contact.huddersfield@syngenta.com.