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Tomato Varieties

Syngenta conducts extensive market research into expectations and preferences. We develop tomato varieties with strong agronomic properties in terms of resistance and flexibility.


Mini-Cluster Tomato

Benefits for the grower

  • A plant with sufficient strength to grow rapidly under generative conditions
  • Crop quality remains high in the summer
  • Very easy-to-harvest fruits with an average weight of 10-12g
  • Strong stem attachments and less prone to cracks
  • Good production potential.


Benefits for traders and consumers

  • Very sweet flavour (high Brix value) and consumers rate this variety highly
  • Attractive shine and deep red colour.


Mini-Truss tomato

Benefits for the grower

  • Fast-growing and vigorous plant with good flower production
  • Fast cluster development and uniform fruit shape
  • Easy crop – quite open with drooping leaves
  • Vigorous plant with lower susceptibility to Botrytis.


Benefits for traders and consumers

  • The very best flavour: very balanced, aromatic and with a very high sugar content
  • Ideal product for a wide variety of uses
  • Typical distinctive shape. 


Beef Tomato

Benefits for the grower

  • Uniform fruit growth of 220-240g, extremely consistent throughout the season
  • Offers protected crops a high yields
  • Produces large fruits from spring onwards to satisfy tomato lovers throughout the season
  • Plant variety with vigorous growth and good foliage during the summer
  • Crop variety that requires less labour as a result of relatively few unwanted shoots
  • Easy-to-process crop with early maturity.


Benefits for traders and consumers

  • A nice shinny, slightly marbled appearance
  • Extremely good shelf life and easy to sort due to firm flesh
  • Easy to cut, with a good flesh structure


Special Tomato

Benefits for the grower

  • A brown tomato with a weight of 20g
  • A more open plant variety in the summer.


Benefits for traders and consumers

  • Extremely attractive dark brown colour in combination with a delicious flavour
  • Beautiful presentation in a mix pack.

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