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For more than 30 years we have also been a market leader in the global golf industry creating innovative turf management solutions for golf courses in 43 countries. Our Turf & Landscape business draws on the strengths of the crop protection and seeds businessesto develop solutions specifically for turf. Our well-established, comprehensive product portfolio covers all turf markets from golf courses and bowling greens to council parks and sports fields.

However, Syngenta is much more than turf management products and services. As an industry leader, we care not only for the health, quality and consistency of your fairways and greens, we care about the health of the game itself and the industry’s long-term business sustainability.

That’s why Syngenta is investing in golf from the ground up. From world-class scientific research and development of turf and sustainability solutions to groundbreaking participation initiatives, we are committed to our objective of ‘Unlocking Golf’s True Potential’. We focus on: 


Working with golf course superintendents around the world to deliver the best playing conditions for their customers


Supporting our customers and stakeholders with new knowledge, skills and tools to create strong, dynamic, customer-centric golf businesses


Enhancing the environment, increasing biodiversity, and engaging with customers and stakeholders

Focusing on course playability, operational productivity and golf business sustainibility, we will work with greenkeepers and club managers to communicate and introduce industry leading initiatives including

  • Ultimate Fairways: improving turf quality while reducing labout costs
  • Water management: maintaining playability even under stress conditions
  • Operation Pollinator: encouraging pollinating insects by creating wildflower areas
  • a unique female participation project based on market research and academic study

Turf and Landscape Products

We offer a wide range of products for many different uses, including:
  • Professional products provide disease, insect and weed control as well as growth regulators and wetting agents. These are important for managing fine turf surfaces as well as enhancing public spaces.
  • Syngenta TreeCare innovative pest and disease protection for different tree species across Europe, Africa and Middle East.
  • Ornamental products for plant and cut flower producers. Our extensive range of fungicides and insecticides make us a major partner for ornamental growers.
  • Vegetation management to control weeds and regulate grass growth (around railways, highways, utilities, industrial sites, pipelines and forests) is essential to ensure safety, visibility and accessibility.
  • Home garden products to control pests and weeds. Our new RESOLVA 24H®, developed in partnership with Westland, is the first new non-selective herbicide on the UK market in many years.

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