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Crop protection

Authorisation Number: 
MAPP No: 15521
Pack size: 
100 g
Chemical Family:
ALS Inhibitor
Activity Group: 
Group B
WG (Water Dispersible Granule)

PEAK contains prosulfuron for the control of a range of broad leaved weeds in forage and grain maize.

Forage and Grain Maize

Mixing and spraying

Fill sprayer with a minimum of 15 cm of water and agitate vigorously. Pour PEAK through the sprayer lid. Add the non-ionic surfactant and continue agitation whilst adding the rest of the water. For sprayers with an induction hopper see product label. Use a medium quality spray and a pressure of 2-3 bar.

Water volume

150-300 l/ha


2 hours

  • In the event of a Toxic or Transport Emergency in the UK please telephone 01484538444 at any time.