Precision application on show at Syngenta Sprays & Sprayers


Syngenta Sprays & Sprayers is a shop window for the latest developments and technologies designed to enhance application accuracy. 

It’s the perfect opportunity to meet the key companies involved in sprayer R&D in one place; to view machines side by side and compare their capabilities, as well as uniquely to see them put through their paces in the Syngenta Sprays & Sprayers arena, as part of the Cereals Event (11 - 12 June 2024, Royston, Hertfordshire).

Syngenta New Farming Technology Lead, Harry Fordham (below), highlights new developments in pioneering precision application practices could herald a step change in approaches to agronomy decisions and sprayer technologies.


“Precision application and artificial intelligence (AI) is opening opportunities to be far more targeted in the way products can be applied for more specific treatments. That will deliver both agronomic advantages and reduced environmental impact,” he reported.

“Ultimately growers can achieve better results, from reduced overall product use. Sprays & Sprayers is a showcase for the new technologies.”

Along with the chance to experience the very latest in current sprayer technology, Syngenta application specialists at the event offer an insight into the future. The immense potential of precision application includes innovative concepts of satellite mapping with variable rate treatment, prescription application, optical sensor spot spraying and drones, along with other techniques.   



“The move towards more precise techniques that allow better targeted application is essential for the efficiency of farm production,” according to Harry. 

“And with better targeting comes the chance to meet regulatory objectives, that will assure future product availability.

“Precision application developments continue to move at a fast pace. Each iteration is more reliable and offers greater advantages. 


The challenge for growers is often at what point to adopt the technology and which options to invest in that will be future proofed for the farm business. Sprays & Sprayers will be at the forefront of helping make those decisions.” 

This year, operators will have the chance for a hands-on look at latest developments in the industry standard Easyconnect closed transfer system, for faster filling of sprayers with reduced risk of spillages - including details of grant funding to utilise the exciting new technology. 

FSOOTY finalists

The Winner of this year’s Syngenta Farm Sprayer Operator of the Year will be crowned with a presentation in the main Sprays & Sprayers arena on Day 1 of the event.


“This prestigious award recognises the professionalism of sprayer operators across UK farms,” reports Syngenta application specialist, Iain Lindsay. Won last year by Northamptonshire operator Mark Jelly, of Brixworth Farming (above).  

“Past winners have demonstrated their skills and expertise in every area of crop spraying, from the initial agronomy decisions, through the storage and handling of products, to the final point of accurate and, above all, safe application,” he added. 


The chance to share their experience is driving up the standards of sprayer operation throughout the industry. Visitors can catch up with the winner and all the finalists, along with many past FSOOTY winners, on the Syngenta stand adjacent to the Sprays & Sprayer arena at the Cereals Event.