One third of all pansies in the world are Syngenta pansies. Many of the flowers sold in garden centres all over the UK are our varieties.

Visit any garden centre in the UK and you will be presented with an astonishing array of plants and flowers. Flowers delight our sense of smell and vision and many more varieties are now available in Britain, thanks to our breeding technology and seed experts.

Under the name of FloriPro Services®, Syngenta markets and distributes high-quality pot and bedding plants in the form of seeds, young plants and cuttings. FloriPro Services® is part of Syngenta Lawn and Garden.

Understanding plants is crucial to our flowers business:

  • Growers and retailers need to know all the characteristics of our plants, for example the growth habit and leaf/flower colour and size as well as the cultural information, for example the potting to flowering times and recommended pot size. We provide support and advice every step of the way.
  • Gardeners want to know that all their hard work in planting will be rewarded with a beautiful display that they can enjoy. Syngenta breeds and produces plants that are chosen on many aspects, including garden performance. We offer the gardener a wide variety of types of plants producing wonderful colour any time of the year.

Our deep understanding and vast knowledge of plants and the industry helps us meet the different demands of commercial growers, retailers and consumers. This is backed by 140 years of experience in the flowers market, coupled with our Supply Chain and Research and Development strengths.

With our broad and innovative assortment, we are committed to being the partner of choice for professional growers.