Dalton Grange Premises

Dalton Grange Gate Entrance

Dalton Grange premises are located off Bradley Mills Road, Dalton, Huddersfield and reside within the boundary of land and property owned by Syngenta Ltd. The building was used as a social club for employees of ICI and Zeneca and latterly Syngenta until the Social Club folded in November 2015.

Following a complex eviction of the former steward and stewardess, the building was registered as Grade ii listed in 2015 and vacated in 2017.

Since 2017, Syngenta has spent many thousands of pounds providing security for the building. The premises are alarmed and trespass is recorded by CCTV.

Due to publicity on social media around ‘urban exploring’ and reports in the local press, the building continues to be a target, often resulting in vandalism and theft. Syngenta continues to deploy resources in defending the property against illegal trespass and we are equally disappointed at such attacks. The current position is undesirable.

There are no current plans to re-open the premises.