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Courgette Range

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Well-balanced plants and fruit-set under vegetative conditions

Resistances: IR: ZYMV / WMV / Gc-Px

Advantages of Cronos

  • Dark green, shiny, regularly shaped fruits that keep well
  • Excellent fruit setting: large numbers of marketable fruits right from the start of cropping
  • Very upright, open plants, not too spiny, long fruit stalks: easy to harvest 
  • High total yield due to plant habit and intermediate resistance


A reference variety for summer

Resistances: IR: CMV / ZYMV / WMV / Gc-Px
Advantages of Mikonos

  • High plant vigour, low number of spines
  • Cylindrical fruits of brilliant green colour
  • Observe application intervals and practice integrated crop protection
  • Strong IR resistance


High quality fruit and savings in harvesting time 

Resistances: IR: CMV / ZYMV / WMV / Gc-Px
Advantages of Milos

  • Uniform fruits: quicker to pack
  • Upright, open plants, long fruit stalks: easier harvesting, which reduces harvesting time and hence production costs
  • Well-balanced plants, good air flow around foliage, with resistance to the 3 viruses and Powdery Mildew (IR)
  • Performs well under integrated protection, stable production, flexibility of use and high commercial yield


The best genetic solution for crops under heavy virus pressure

Resistances: IR: CMV / ZYMV / WMV / Gc-Px
Advantages of Naxos

  • Dark green fruits with fine speckling: lovely appearance
  • Uniformity of the quality and volumes marketed
  • Very good intermediate resistance to the 3 viruses (IR) allowing optimisation of integrated protection and restriction of viral symptoms transmitted by aphids
  • Very regular, stable fruit shape, facilitating harvest management
  • High yield of Class I fruits from the first picking right through to the end of cropping


Short cycle and high yield

Resistances: IR: CMV / ZYMV / WMV / Gc-Px
Advantages of Syros

  • Fruits a strong green colour, and very shiny
  • Generative plant with a short cycle: high yield potential and grouped production
  • 3 viruses and Powdery Mildew (IR) resistance means that harvesting can continue for longer
  • Open plant and fruit produced on long stalks: makes harvesting easier