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Courgette Range

Discover our Courgette range



Traditional ‘Round de Nice’ type with virus resistance

Resistances: IR: CMV / ZYMV / WMV

Advantages of Brice

  • Light green variety
  • Harvest size with a diameter of 5-10cm
  • Very attractive product for the catering trade
  • Good filling characteristics


New variety

Resistances: Px
Advantages of Cassandra

  • Highest yielding variety in NIAB 2015
  • Suitable for early production
  • High yielding vigorous plant type


Well-balanced plants and fruit-set under vegetative conditions

Resistances: IR: ZYMV / WMV / Gc-Px

Advantages of Cronos

  • Dark green, shiny, regularly shaped fruits that keep well
  • Excellent fruit setting: large numbers of marketable fruits right from the start of cropping
  • Very upright, open plants, not too spiny, long fruit stalks: easy to harvest 
  • High total yield due to plant habit and intermediate resistance


Uniform golden colour makes for a very attractive fruit

Resistances: IR: Gc / Px / WMV / ZYMV
Advantages of Golden Glory

  • Gold-yellow variety
  • Very attractive product for the catering trade
  • Uniform fruit of high quality
  • Produced on an open, upright, and vigorous plant
  • A yellow cylindrical squash which is an improved version of Golden Delight with better fruit uniformity and better resistance
  • Similar to Golden Delight, but delivers further improvements in fruit quality and enhanced tolerance to Powdery Mildew


A reference variety for summer

Resistances: IR: CMV / ZYMV / WMV / Gc-Px
Advantages of Mikonos

  • High plant vigour, low number of spines
  • Cylindrical fruits of brilliant green colour
  • Observe application intervals and practice integrated crop protection
  • Strong IR resistance


High quality fruit and savings in harvesting time 

Resistances: IR: CMV / ZYMV / WMV / Gc-Px
Advantages of Milos

  • Uniform fruits: quicker to pack
  • Upright, open plants, long fruit stalks: easier harvesting, which reduces harvesting time and hence production costs
  • Well-balanced plants, good air flow around foliage, with resistance to the 3 viruses and Powdery Mildew (IR)
  • Performs well under integrated protection, stable production, flexibility of use and high commercial yield


The best genetic solution for crops under heavy virus pressure

Resistances: IR: CMV / ZYMV / WMV / Gc-Px
Advantages of Naxos

  • Dark green fruits with fine speckling: lovely appearance
  • Uniformity of the quality and volumes marketed
  • Very good intermediate resistance to the 3 viruses (IR) allowing optimisation of integrated protection and restriction of viral symptoms transmitted by aphids
  • Very regular, stable fruit shape, facilitating harvest management
  • High yield of Class I fruits from the first picking right through to the end of cropping


Vigour and fruit quality

Resistances: IR: CMV / ZYMV / WMV / Gc-Px
Advantages of Quine

  • Balanced plant with open habit
  • Retains cylindrical shape even when elongated
  • Dual purpose variety
  • • High yield potential


Good shape, size and colour

Resistances: IR: CMV / ZYMV / WMV / Gc-Px

"To date Samos appears to have good Powdery Mildew resistance which is useful. We also like Samos due to its upright and open plant habit making it easier to harvest. We are now growing Samos fully commercially and are very happy with the results so far.”
David Murfitt, Technical Manager, Oakley Farms


Short cycle and high yield

Resistances: IR: CMV / ZYMV / WMV / Gc-Px
Advantages of Syros

  • Fruits a strong green colour, and very shiny
  • Generative plant with a short cycle: high yield potential and grouped production
  • 3 viruses and Powdery Mildew (IR) resistance means that harvesting can continue for longer
  • Open plant and fruit produced on long stalks: makes harvesting easier