Blight protection covered

Revus protection for potato crops in high risk blight conditions

Potato crops have been subjected to intense blight pressure this season, with repeated periods of warm, high humidity conditions. The challenge for growers has been exacerbated by frequent showers and windy conditions restricting spraying opportunities.

As crops reach full canopy the protection provided by REVUS® becomes even more essential, advocates Syngenta Technical Manager, Andy Cunningham.

REVUS is rainfast within minutes, with the powerful active rapidly locked into the waxy leaf coating that is effectively prevented from being washed off by heavy rain or irrigation.

Complete leaf protection

The active spreads through the wax layer to coat the whole leaf surface, including any new growth as the leaf area expands. Furthermore, the translaminar action moves product through the leaf,  for all round protection against spore infection.

Effective protection from foliar blight through the growing season will help to maximise yield and stop the sources of tuber blight infection.  

Independent Eurofins trials have repeatedly proven REVUS to be the most effective of the CAA blight fungicides in preventing foliar blight infection.      

The renowned efficacy of REVUS remains fully effective against all known blight strains in the UK. To further strengthen resilience against the development of new blight strains, it is recommended to always mix blight products with an alternative mode of action. Growers should also avoid using more than two CAA fungicides in succession in the programme of up to six CAA applications, and to follow FRAC guidelines.

Application on target

Syngenta research has shown that application of REVUS using the company’s 3D ninety nozzle provides significantly better coverage throughout the crop canopy.

3D ninety nozzles improve spray coverage throughout potato crops

The nozzle’s unique design, with an angled spray pattern and consistent larger droplet size, achieves better penetration of the dense crop canopy and improved targeting of lower leaves and stems to keep out blight.

The 90% drift reduction capability of the 3D ninety nozzle enables operators to take advantage of every spraying opportunity.

It also ensures delivery of a more stable spray pattern – achieving more consistent coverage of complete foliage and minimising disruption in gusty conditions. 

To fully optimise the performance of REVUS, application trials have also demonstrated that including a drift retardant, such as Crusade, in the tank mix can improve leaf coverage and overall blight control.

The Syngenta Spray Assist App gives best use advice for REVUS application in any conditions. Identifying spray windows and optimum treatment techniques is invaluable when blight pressure is rising, and protection needs to be in place before infection hits.  

Growers can make up to four applications of REVUS per season, with the latest time of application just three days before harvest that provides extra flexibility for green top lifted crops.


BlightCast in myFIELD

Potato growers and agronomists can get easy access to advance warning of disease pressure, with BlightCast now available in the Syngenta myFIELD App.

BlightCast gives growers and agronomists up to 14 days warning of conditions conducive to disease infection and development in individual fields, to fine tune blight protection strategies.

Now, the myFIELD App enables users to personalise the parameters that trigger a near miss threshold, to tailor the system’s sensitivity to specific situations. Growers and agronomists can customise to receive email alerts of impending blight risk periods, at a time of their choice prior the risks occurring. The App also includes the QUANTIS Heat Stress Tool for a comprehensive potato crop management guide.

myFIELD is available to download for free from Google Play or the App Store for iPhone