90% Drift Reduction Nozzle Offers

Go low Go slow Get covered

NEW Syngenta trials show some designs of 90% Drift Reduction technology provide a great combination of efficacy and drift reduction – making them ideal for pre-emergence applications. 

90% Drift Reduction Nozzle Technology

  • Hugely reduce risk of drift onto non-target areas
  • New designs shown to give good coverage of soil surface
  • Proven effective for pre-em grass weed herbicides
  • Enhance sprayer performance
  • LERAP 3* rating

Syngenta best use pre-em application recommendations

Boom height: 50 cm from nozzle tip to target
Forward speed: less than 12 km/hr
Water volume: 200 l/ha
In ever more challenging grass-weed conditions 200 l/ha has been shown to give better results, compared to 100 l/ha that had previously worked effectively.

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