3D ninety keeps Revus application on target


New application research has also revealed how drift reduction 3D ninety nozzle technology can maximise blight protection with Revus, along other Syngenta potato fungicide, including Amphore Plus and Carial Flex.

Find out more about the 3D ninety nozzle

The engineered droplet spectrum of the 3D ninety nozzle, along with the specific angle of delivery, is particularly effective at delivering spray throughout the dense crop canopy of potatoes – offering better protection of lower leaves and stems against blight infection.

Larger droplets have greater momentum to penetrate through the crop canopy and, when delivered at an angle, reach lower leaves; fine droplets lack the velocity to reach into the canopy and are far more susceptible to drift. 

Eurofins trials

Syngenta technical manager, Andy Cunningham, reported three years of successive independent application trials at Eurofins had confirmed the consistently better control of blight from application with the 90% drift reduction nozzle technology, even under high risk induced blight trial conditions.

“The formulation of Revus is specifically designed to lock onto the leaf wax layer, and then move with the growth to protect the expanding leaf area,” he explained. “That is what makes it so effective through the expanding leaf area and canopy complete phases of crop growth.

“It’s also what makes Revus particularly resilient to rainfall after application and still providing an exceptional level of blight protection.”

The 90% drift reduction rating of the 3D ninety nozzles - which in official testing means 90% less drift compared to a conventional flat fan nozzle when operating in any given conditions – enables operators to make the best possible applications in available weather windows.

Furthermore, reducing drift during spraying delivers a far more consistent spray pattern across the whole crop. Where any gust of wind shifts a finer spray pattern sideways, it would leave a patch of reduced coverage that could allow blight into the crop.

Spray Assist App

The Syngenta Spray Assist App is an invaluable free tool for sprayer operators to help with appropriate nozzle selection tailored for any crop and application, as well as providing a five-day spray window to help with planning and timely spray scheduling.  


This season, the Revus blight protection programme will be further aided by a new BlightCast App to forecast disease pressure across individual fields on the farm. The upgraded service can be tailored for sensitivity to specific farm’s required pressure thresholds, along with levels of alerts and warnings.

Digital support tools

Coupled together the digital support systems and application advances, along with faster operation of Revus with the new Evopac, gives a real opportunity to further enhance blight protection programmes this season.