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Coref winter barley

New winter malt, currently a candidate on the Recommended List 2017/18, offering very high yields and a strong quality profile.

Market options: Pending approval for brewing by IBD

Soil preference: Suitable for all soil types

Regional positioning: Performs well in all regions

Agronomics: Robust disease profile


Breeding insights

"The highest yielding winter malting barley candidate this year. COREF has a solid overall disease resistance profile and early maturity. One to watch out for next year."
- Kathryn Hearn

Kath Hamlen

Variety overview

We've compared a few varieties on the AHDB Recommended List Candidate Trials 2017 and shared some key statistics we think you'll be interested in. 




Untreated yield*

Fungicide treated yield UK*

Coref [80] 99
SY Venture 74 94
Cassata 76 91

* % treated control 


Grain quality

  Specific Weight (kg/hl)
Coref 66.5
SY Venture 69.1
Cassata 68.4


Agronomic features

  Lodging % (UT) Lodging % (T) Height (cm) Ripening (days +/- Cassata, -ve = earlier)
Coref 5 3 92 -1
SY Venture 5 2 81 0
Cassata 5 1 85  

[ ] = limited data


Disease profile

  Mildew (1-9) Brown rust (1-9) Rhynchosporium (1-9) Net blotch (1-9) BaYMV
Coref 5 5 6 6 R
SY Venture 6 6 4 6 R
Cassata 4 6 6 3 R

[ ] = limited data

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