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Hybrid Barley Germination Test

This offer has now closed. Please see further information below.

Autumn 2019 was a difficult year to get crops established with many growers having to over-winter at least some of their seed. Whilst this is not ideal, well stored seed can over-winter successfully and be drilled the following autumn. When planning your seed requirements the % germination of each seed stock is vital to know in order to calculate your drilling rate. Find out more about how Syngenta can help. See below. 

Hybrid barley germination test offer

Congratulations to those growers who successfully registered for a germination test. We will be in contact with detailed information on the next steps.

This offer is now closed.


Hybrid barley varieties 2019/20

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Storing & using over-yeared seed

Storing treated seed in an optimal way will ensure that the seed is in the best condition when it comes to drilling next season. Click below to find out how best to store your seed and how to calculate your amended seed rate.


Sampling over-yeared seed

Sampling seed in the right way is important to ensure you get a representative sample to send off for analysis. Click below to find out how to do this.