Syngenta Winter Wheat Offer Terms & Conditions

Syngenta Partnership Plan Winter Wheat Special Offer – Summer/Autumn 2023

Terms & Conditions Version Date: 3rd June 2023 


1.1.     These Terms & Conditions for our Syngenta Winter Wheat Special Offer 2023 (“Offer”) will apply from the Version Date set out above.

1.2.     The Offer is a special offer under Section 6.5 of the Partnership Plan Terms & Conditions. Sections 1.4, 2 – 5 (inclusive) 5, 6.5 - 6.10 (inclusive) and 12 – 17 (inclusive) of the Partnership Plan Terms & Conditions are incorporated into these Offer Terms & Conditions as though set out in full below, with the proviso that references to “these Terms & Conditions” shall mean these Offer Terms & Conditions.

1.3.     Submitting a claim under this Offer indicates your acceptance of these Terms & Conditions on behalf of the Business holding the Partnership Plan Account.


2.    THE OFFER 

2.1.     This Offer is open between 1st June 2023 and 15th December 2023 inclusive (the “Offer Period”) and is available to all Partnership Plan Account holding Businesses.

2.2.     To qualify for the Offer, the Account holding Business must have purchased genuine C2 seed of the following varieties (each a “Qualifying Product”):

·        SY INSITOR

·        GLEAM

·        GRAHAM

 Purchases of Qualifying Product must be made during the Offer Period for use by the Account holding Business in the 2023 season (for harvest in 2024).


2.3.     The number of points claimable under the Offer are 750 points per 0.5t seed bag of Qualifying Product purchased during the Offer Period.



3.1.     To make a claim under the Offer, the Member or a Delegate of the Account holding Business must submit the following information via the Partnership Plan Platform on or before the 15th  December 2023 (“Closing Date”):

(i) the number of tonnes of Qualifying Product(s) for which points are claimed; and

(ii) copies of corresponding invoices as proof that the Account holding Business purchased the specified volume of Qualifying Product(s) during the Offer Period. 

3.2.     To avoid disappointment, please ensure your purchase of Qualifying Product is made during the Offer Period and that submission of your claim is completed before the Closing Date. Late submissions will not qualify for the Offer.



4.1.     In accordance with the Partnership Plan Terms & Conditions, we reserve the right to validate claims. We will aim to do this on a weekly basis. This means there may be a delay between your submission and award of points in respect of validated claims.



5.1.     If you have questions about the Offer, please contact our Customer Services team. The details of how to do this are set out on the Partnership Plan Platform.



6.1.     We reserve the right to change these Terms & Conditions at any time (including, without limitation, the claims process, points award, validation requirements etc). Except to the extent expressly set out in these Terms & Conditions, we will not be liable to you in any way for possible consequences of changes to these Terms & Conditions.