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Syngenta's monthly podcast, InContact, is an info-cast that covers agricultural topics from the UK and worldwide.

Each podcast will feature different topical issues, including discussions with the relevant experts.

Episode 48 - December 2020

On this month's podcast:
01:00 - 07:43 - Guest Speaker: Graham Redman from The Andersons Centre's monthly update.

08:11- 24:30- Guest Speaker: Mark Stalham talks to us about the 31st CUPGRA Annual Cambridge Potato Conference.
Tickets available here:…erence-2020

24:44 – 37:37- Harry Fordham, Syngenta's new technology lead, discusses how new and developing technology will impact how we use crop protection products and grow for the evolving consumer market.
This talk was taken from the 2020 CropTec show:


Episode 47 - November 2020

On this month's podcast:

0:50 - 08:40 - Guest Speaker: Graham Redman from The Andersons Centre's monthly update.

08:58 - 22:23- Syngenta Trialists: Andy Cunningham, Ben Urquhart and Joe Bagshaw give us updates from their Syngenta Innovation Centres across the country.

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Episode 46 - September 2020

On this month's podcast:

1:20 - Guest Speaker: Graham Redman's monthly update discussing the poor harvest that we have experienced this year, drilling alternatives to OSR with some insightful tips, and finally, some ideas on how farmers can be more considerate of their cash flow for the coming year.

8:35 - Syngenta Expertise: Max Newbert, Syngenta's Insecticide Technical Manager for the UK and Ireland discusses the autumn messages for pest consideration with a focus upon BYDV and brassica flea beetles

Episode 45 - August 2020

On this month's podcast:

1:13 - 8:28 - Guest Speaker: Graham Redman from the Andersons Centre's monthly update.

8:29 - 19:36 - Syngenta Expertise: Gillian Coleman, Marketing Manager for Seedcare and Jonathan Ronksley, Field Technical Manager for Seedcare discuss the importance of mitigating diseases in the coming season and the use of Vibrance Duo in improving plant establishment. They also give an insight into Harvest 20's yield results!

19:38 - 27:57 Syngenta Expertise: Max Newbert, Technical Manager for Insecticides and

Episode 44 - July 2020

On this month's podcast:

1:33 - 8:38 - Guest Speaker: Graham Redman from the Andersons Centre's monthly update.

8:39 - 25:25 - Guest Speakers: Minette Batters, NFU President and Matt Fuller, FSOOTY 2020 Winner joined by Scott Cockburn, Syngenta UK Business Manager and Mark Sanderson, Director at Top PR to discuss the importance and speciality of FSOOTY as an agricultural event.

25:27 - 29:28 - Guest Speaker: A conversation with Lynn Tatnell, Senior Research Scientist in Weed Biology at ADAS

Episode 43 - June 2020

On this month's podcast:

1:19 - 10:23 - Guest speaker: Graham Redman from the Andersons Centre's monthly update.

10:25 - 23:47 - Guest Speaker: A conversation with Simon Bailey, Syngenta's 2019 FSOOTY (Farm Sprayer Operator Of The Year) champion.

23:49 - 28:45 - Syngenta Expert: A conversation with Syngenta's South Yorkshire & Nottinghamshire Area Manager, Augustus Merrick about potato blight.

28:47 - 35:39 - Syngenta Expert: A conversation with Syngenta Weed Control Researcher, Tom Holloway, about grass weed dormancy.


Episode 42 - Rougham Innovation Centre Update May 2020

On this month's podcast:

Georgie Wood, Field Technical Manager, and Simon Eddell, Farm Manager at Rougham Estate, have a conversation about Rougham Innovation Centre. Simon gives an update on what has been happening at the Innovation Centre, and discusses his approach to next season regarding the bizarre year that we've had.

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Episode 41 - Fungicide Special May 2020

On this month's podcast:

0:31 - Winter Wheat Disease Management and Fungicide Timings.
5:05 - The Loss of CTL.
8:45 - Barley Disease Management and Fungicide Timings.
11:00 - Spring Wheat Disease Management and Fungicide Timings.
12:15 - Summary.

ELATUS ERA is a registered Trademark of Syngenta Group Company. ELATUS ERA (MAPP No 17889) contains benzovindiflupyr and prothioconazole.

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Mini Episode 40 - Graham Redman May 2020 #InContact Podcast

On this month's podcast:

Graham Redman discusses Black Swan Events, and shares an update on Covid-19 and its consequences on agriculture in this shorter episode.
Enjoy listening and stay safe!

Mini Episode 39 - Graham Redman April 2020 #InContact Podcast

On this month's podcast:

Graham Redman discusses the impact of Covid-19 on food consumption trends, supply chain, commodity pricing and farming in this standalone segment of the #InContact Podcast.
Enjoy listening!

Episode 38 - March 2020

On this month's podcast:
00:50 - 15:14 Mark Thomas from the Farming Community Network on mental health
15:14 - 26:41 Agronomist Neil Wooliscroft talks growing spring barley this season
26:41 - 37:07 Dr Mitch Crook from HArper Adams University discusses our PGR trials
37:07 - 42:28 Graham Redman speaks about the disease that is affecting farming

Enjoy listening!

Episode 37 - February 2020

Speaking is:
00:30 - 08:20 Attendees of the Oxford Farming Conference talking best bits
09:10 - 19:10 Dr Alastair Leake at the Food & Drink Federation, discussing Syngenta's Conservation Agriculture & Sustainable Systems initiative
19:28 - 23:22 Richard Budd, Bean YEN grower, at the Kent PGRO Roadshow
23:30 - 30:20 Graham Redman talking wet weather & drilling

Episode 36 - January 2020

On this podcast:
00:41 - 6:15 FSOOTY judge and ex-winner James Stafford gives his advice on how to get the best out of your spray operation
6:15 - 15:28 Robin Appel Ltd's Malting Barley Director, Jonathan Arnold, talks all things barley
15:28 - 23:58 Syngenta Head of Technical, Dave King, presents his views on climate change
23:58 - 30:29 What is the impact of the latest general election on agriculture? Podcast Regular, Graham Redman, finds out...

Happy New Year!

Episode 35 - December 2019

This month:
00:49 - 10:12 Head of Central Agriculture, Nick Morris, talks this year's beet harvest and future prices
10:12 - 17:39 Potato Consultant, Simon Faulkner, gives his advice on potato blight, storage, desiccation and lifting
17:39 - 24:56 Syngenta's own Matthew Bull, Technical Specialist for Varieties, provides and update on the Recommended List
24:56 - 30:42 Graham Redman from The Andersons Centre discusses sustainability

Enjoy listening!

REVUS ® is a registered Trademark of Syngenta Group Company. REVUS ® (MAPP

Episode 34 - October 2019

On this podcast:
00:00 - 00.18 Meet Olivia Warr, the new #InContact host.
00:18 - 07.15 Hear discussions on the issue of late drilling with agronomist Marcus Mann and Seeds Technical Manager Kathryn Hamlen
07:43 - 16:40 Area Manager Charlotte Garbutt speaks to Eleanor Durdy on the future of agriculture and the Oxford Farming Conference 2019
17:25 - 23:00 Graham Redman give his updates on land value, including inflation and sales volumes

Episode 33 Part 1 - September 2019

On this podcast:
00:20 - 05:40 Get more information about the START campaign
05:41 - 09:58 Hear about our upcoming VegScience event on the 9th and 10th October

Episode 33 Part 2 - September 2019

On this podcast:
00:21 - 06:28 Get more information about OSR in the EU, beet prices in 2020 and trade of wheat and barley
06:31 - 08:28 Hear about our new BYDV Assist App

Episode 32 - August 2019

Catch up with:
00:25 – 6:12 Overall harvest results in UK and assessing the EU harvest crops EU by Graham Redman
6:12 – 14:59 Innovations’ updates and the plans for the Innovations Centres upcoming year by Dave King
15:00 – 20:13 Andy Cunningham mentioning Newark Innovation Centres harvest results and the varieties that perform best
20:14 – 26:41 Discussions about OSR yields and OSR trials by Max Newbert and Georgie Wood

Episode 31 - July 2019

On this podcast:
00:21 - 05:50 Graham Redman discusses the impact of the disruptions of industry innovations on our lives
05:52 - 13:16 Max Newbert and Georgie Wood talk about the challenges OSR growers have faced
13:38 - 17:24 Hear about Market Stainton Open day from Andy Cunningham
17:27 - 26:56 Paul Roche explains how you can choose the best hybrid barley variety
26:59 - 34:25 Kathryn Hamlen talks about how you can choose the best winter wheat feed variety

Episode 30 - June 2019

In this podcast:
- Graham Redman discusses the impacts of Brexit on UK agriculture
- Hear about the highlights of Cereals 2019
- Area Manager Katie Murray gives you an update on Glamis Innovation Centre
- Victoria Nicol will talk about Sencrop and the arable event that took place a few weeks ago
- FSOOTY 2019 winner Simon Bailey gives you his top tips once again

Episode 29 - May 2019

Catch up with:
- Graham Redman discussing the relation between food security and self-sufficiency, and global grain stocks.
- Iain Lindsay providing updates about the crops in South Scotland and North England.
- James Southgate talking about Rougham's T2 meeting which was held in the beginning of May.
- Max Newbert telling you about the loss of metalhyde
- Andy Cunningham providing information about the Innovation Open Days in the upcoming months

Episode 28 - April 2019

In this episode:
- Graham Redman discusses OSR crop challenges, and costs within farming
- Jim Egan from the Game and wildlife conservation trust explains the fantastic results from 2019 Big Farmland Bird Count #BFBC
- Iain Hamilton, Senior Field Technical Manager gives updates of crops in the West
- Hear from growers who attended our Rougham Innovation Centre T1 meeting

Episode 27 - March 2019

This month features:
- Graham Redman's monthly update, comparing our industry now from the year of EU entry
- Abi Ewen speaking to growers at our Rye-grass Open day near Doncaster
- Syngenta's Field Technical Manager, James Southgate, providing local updates from our Eastern Innovation Centres
- Neil Groom, Technical Director at Grainseed Ltd giving tips and advice regarding Maize pre-ems and early weed removal
- Laura Harpham explaining all you need to know about the re-launched Championing the Farmed

Episode 26 - February 2019

On this episode we have:
- Graham Redman providing a monthly update including the 2018 Beet Harvest, potato production falls, machinery investments and key dates
- Trialist Joe Bagshaw sharing updates of Oxford Innovation Centre Snippets from 2019's Potato Science Live Meeting
- Sasha from ADAS at our iOSR meeting

Episode 25 - January 2019

Catch up with:
- Graham Redman discussing Brexit and impacts on UK Farm Profitability
- Arable grower Eleanor Durdy's highlights from Oxford Farming Conference 2019
- Syngenta Trialist, Andy Cunningham, providing Trial Site updates
- Guest speaker at York PGRO event

Episode 24 - November 2018

On this month's episode:
- Graham Redman gives his monthly update.
- We go to The CropTec Show 2018 and catch up with:
OSR grower, Chris Eglington, who discusses technological integration in the world of spraying, his thoughts on drone technology and the trials he has been working on his farm.
Sencrop founder, Martin Ducroquet, who speaks to us about their ag-weather station innovation.
Sam Stephenson, who talks about future technology, drift reduction nozzles and good spray practice.

Episode 23 - October 2018

On this month's episode:
- Graham Redman gives his monthly update.
- Andrew Myatt, #FSOOTY 2009 winner, shares his journey and experience of being a past winner, the benefits of the competition and the community of spray operators he has met throughout his time.
- Lincolnshire Sugar Beet grower Tom Dye shares his knowledge and concerns within the industry for SB growers.

Episode 22 - September 2018

On this month's episode:
- Graham Redman gives his monthly update.
- James Gray speaks about the Fields of Innovation, challenges for veg growers and the impact of Brexit to the future of our industry.
- Mark Gilbert speaks about his split field trial in Littleport and his choice of varieties.
- Georgie Wood gives us an update on our Rougham Innovation Centre and speaks about Phoma disease.
- Harry Fordham gives top tips for pre-em applications, the benefits of

Episode 21 - August 2018

On this month's episode:
- Graham Redman talks about UK exports
- Triallist Andy Cunningham gives us an in-depth analysis of his bio-stimulant results
- James Thomas explains the benefits of Low, Slow, Covered application, boom stability and nozzle choices
- Samantha Brooke, Seed and Seed Treatment manager, discusses harvest results from our trials, variety choices, hybrid varieties and comparing 2018 results with previous years

Episode 20 - July 2018

On this month's episode:
- Graham Redman talks about Harvest 2018, OSR and Barley and gives his Global Update.
- Simon Gardiner gives an update on our Black-grass trials.
- Andrew Melton from Frontier Agriculture Regional Agronomy Sales Manager speaks about the challenges he's faced over the season, how he adapted to unforeseen weather conditions and soil health.
- Andy Cunningham discusses all the great trials he has been working on with his team up at our York Innovation Centre

Episode 19 - June 2018

On this Cereals Special episode we have:
- Hazel Bull - Syngenta's new Malting Barley Breeder
- Andrew Woolley - FSOOTY 2018 Winner
- Nigel Chadwick - Operations Director of the Voluntary Initiative
- Belinda Bailey - Sustainable Farming Manager
- Julia Roberts - From Pro Operator
- Rumiana Ray - Associate Professor, University of Nottingham
- Graham Mullier - Syngenta's Open data champion and digital advocate

Episode 18 - May 2018

This month we cover:
- Graham Redman gives his thoughts on Cereals, Global supply and demand and New Crop outlooks.
- Andy Cunningham gives an update from our Aldborough site, where he discusses black-grass control, herbicides and growth regulator work.
- Harry Fordham, Area Manager of South Essex's and Kent, recommends what nozzles to use for T2 and T3 applications.
- Mick Roberts, the editor of Pro Operator, talks about the recent launch of EI OPERATOR, the new online training

Episode 17 - April 2018

This month:
- Graham Redman talks about The Spring drilling conditions, the impact of grain marketing, and new crop markets
- John Sarup will be talking all things Potatoes
- Chris Eglington will be giving us an OSR update
- Bill Clark discusses resistant developments
- Georgina Wood discusses management of crops for the remainder of the season
- James Southgate gives an update about our recent visit to our Innovation Centre in Rougham
- John Haynes explaining his experience

Episode 16 - March 2018

This month we cover:
- Machinery costing (Graham Redman)
- Adapting Fungicides to varieties (Bill Clark, NIAB Technical Director)
- Lodging (Dr Mitch Crook, HAUC, & Mel Wardle, Syngenta)
- Innovation Centre Update (James Southgate, Syngenta)

Episode 15 - December 2017

This month we cover:
- Graham Redman - Grain marketing and storage
- Roger Sylvester-Bradley - YEN Awards 2017
- Christina Clarke - YEN Awards 2017
- Paul Temple - The Voluntary Initiative
- Sam Brooke - AHDB 2018 Recommended List
- Syngenta 2018 Events

Episode 14 - November 2017

A topical monthly podcast on a number of issues brought to you by Syngenta.

This month we cover:

- Brexit negotiations update
- Agriculture White Paper
- Innovation Centres
- FSOOTY 2017 winner, Stuart Woods

Episode 13 - October 2017

This month we cover:
- Simon Jackson - Disease Control in Cornish vegetable crops
- Andrew Arbuckle - Harvest update in Scotland
- Max Newbert - Autumn pests
- Graham Redman - Finance and Sugarbeet harvest

Episode 12 - September 2017

This month we cover:
- PhomaAlert
- Seed treatment
- Pre-em application from a sprayer operator
- ADAS, cabbage stem flea beetle three year project
- Brexit update

Vibrance Duo is a Registered Trademarks of a Syngenta Group Company. Vibrance Duo (MAPP 17838) contains fludioxonil + lsedaxane. All other brand names used are Trademarks of other manufacturers in which proprietary rights may exist. Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use. For further product

Episode 11 - August 2017

This month we cover:
- James Thomas & Sam Stephenson on pre-em application
- Vickie Robinson - Farm24
- Jen Kingsmill & Peter Allen - Cereal Varieties
- Graham Redman - Harvest
- Andrew Ward - OSR and his farm

Episode 10 - July 2017

This month we cover:
- Platforms sites: Mel Codd Business Manager at Syngenta in the West
- Agronomist: Philip Vickers
- Harvest, Ecological areas and Potatoes: Graham Redman
- Trialist: Andy Cunningham
- MDS trainee: Leyla Page

Episode 9 - June 2017

This month we cover:
- Yield Enhancement Network with Roger Bradley from ADAS
- Syngenta Plat Form sites with Joe Cole
- Potato Alternaria with Dr Jane Thomas from Niab
- Global Grain Stocks with Graham Redman
- Pests with Max Newbert

Episode 8 - May 2017

This month we cover:
- AHDB Pest Bulletin with Rosemary Collier
- FSOOTY17 top tips
- Black Grass and Hybrid Barley with independent agronomist Richard Alcock
- Cereals, global supply and demand as well as new crop outlook
- Blight Cast

Episode 7 - April 2017

This month's exciting topics are:

- Maximizing your maize crop
- Rural Payments and Farm business income
- Agronomist update

Episode 6 - March 2017

March's podcast features:

- Agronomy update
- Old grain markets
- Maize
- Potatoes (PCN)

Episode 5 - February 2017

Click "Listen" to hear:
- An update from iOSR grower - Andrew Ward
- Operation pollinator initiative - Bees'n'Seeds
- A Farm Manager's update on crop establishment and PGR strategy
- Bruchid beetle
- Article 50 & the process of leaving the EU affecting agriculture

Episode 4 - December 2016

Topics on this podcast include:
- The basic payment system
- Our four new high yielding cereal varieties
- British Sugar's Agriculture Director Colm McKay giving an update on this years crop and plans for next year
- Product traceability at our manufacturing site in Scotland

Episode 3 - November 2016

Listen to this podcast to hear about:
- Global grain consumption and currency fluctuations
- Spring barley opportunities and advice
- Launching a new SDHI fungicide into the market
- Brassica agronomy
- Agronomy update

Episode 2 - October 2016

Episode 2 of our #InContact Podcast includes features on:
- The impact of Brexit on agriculture
- An agronomy update
- Autumn poests
- Autumn OSR disease.

Episode 1 - September 2016

Listen to the first ever #InContact podcast, with topics including:
- Harvest 2016
- Commodity Prices
- Agronomy Update
- Variety Selection
- The Voluntary Initiative