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Syngenta's new monthly podcast, InContact, is an info-cast that covers agricultural topics from the UK and worldwide. Each podcast will feature different topical issues, including discussions with the relevant experts.
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Previous episodes


This month we cover:
James Thomas & Sam Stephenson - Pre-em application...


A topical monthly podcast on a number of issues brought to you by Syngenta.



This month we cover:
- Yield Enhancement Network with Roger Bradley from ADAS...


This month we cover:
- AHDB Pest Bulletin with Rosemary Collier
- FSOOTY17...


- Maximizing your maize crop
- Agronomist update
- Rural Payments and Farm...


- Agronomy update
- Old grain markets
- Maize
- Potatoes (PCN)


- An update from iOSR grower - Andrew Ward
- Operation pollinator initiative -...


- The basic payment system
- Our four new high yielding cereal varieties...


- Global grain consumption and currency fluctuations
- Spring barley...

InContact Sam and Tom


Impact of Brexit on Agriculture, Agronomy Update, Autumn Pests, Autumn OSR Disease....

InContact Sam and Tom


Harvest 2016, Commodity Prices, Agronomy Update, Variety Selection, The Voluntary...

Soundbite - Bruchid Beetle

Syngenta's brassica specialist Simon Jackson discussing the most common bean pest...

Soundbite - Grangemouth Product

Short clip on our product traceability procedures at our manufacturing site in...

Soundbite - Maize and the coming season

Syngenta's area manager Steve Bull catching up with John Morgan from MGA Growers...