Seed treatments for winter crops

Fungicidal seed dressings provide protection from seed and soil-borne diseases, help ensure good crop establishment and lay the foundations to maximise crop yield and quality.
VIBRANCE Duo is now also registered for use on winter barley in addition to wheat.

Spring barley early emergence

Seed treatments for spring crops

Seed treatments control key seed and soil-borne diseases. VIBRANCE Duo also
brings excellent establishment and rooting
benefits to help build a more resilient crop
against adverse weather conditions.

Seed & soil-borne diseases

Seed- and soil-borne pathogens present the first risk in the cropping year. They have the potential to reduce the number of healthy plants able to establish and are a long-term risk to yield and quality.

Impact of seed treatments on soil health

From what’s currently known, seed treatments are not expected to have a negative impact on soil as they are highly targeted on the seed and active at low doses. We have worked with NIAB and the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust to further investigate.