Ryegrass resistance is increasing. Our Doncaster Ryegrass Innovation Centre and others across the UK are helping find ways to maximise every percentage of ryegrass control. Understanding your ryegrass will be key to creating your best possible control strategy which will help manage this grass weed sustainably and profitably. We’ll look at cultural controls, competitive cropping and product application which should all form part of your control strategy.

Ryegrass resistance is becoming more widespread which means it’s more important than ever to sample seed to understand the ryegrass populations on your farm. Watch as Georgina Wood shared her tips on how to sample seed in the field.

How to sample seed video (TO CREATE)

Roche approach hybrid barley video (Kim)

If you’re considering barley in your rotation, hybrid barley can be a great option to include in your ryegrass control strategy.  At Doncaster, we’ve found that greater competition gives fewer grass weed tillers. Hybrid barley is showing consistently higher levels of competition and a lower number of ryegrass tillers than winter wheat or conventional barley. Hybrid barley is also demonstrating a reduced number of weed ears, due to a greater proportion of weed ears remaining below the crop canopy.

Prosulfocarb is the active of choice in a ryegrass situation.  DEFY® (trials data) meaning that it should form the base of your stack in ryegrass.  Defy is an essential pre-emergence herbicide partner product for both winter and soring cereal crops.  Increasing rates of Defy increases control, regardless of weather conditions.  While we know the aim is always to go on with a pre-em herbicide, sometimes conditions don’t allow this.  If this happens, you could use your planned pre-em as a peri-em application [copy] or use a lower rate at post-em for reduced control.

Pre/peri/post-em chart with application objective & nozzle


Animated video of crop/weed emergence & safety (risk to crop as we reach post-em timing)


Pre-em application

Pre-em application

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