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Root Matters

Rooting is paramount to crop performance, but whist pro-active agronomy decisions are made on what the crop looks like above the ground, how many farmers and agronomists get out a spade to dig down to the root of the problem? Get in touch with your roots.

What is 'Root Matters'?

Root Matters will work with a core group of growers to unearth and explore the implications of agronomy decisions on root mass and plant stress management, and the interaction of this with variety choice. It will combine ‘citizen science’ from the group, with practical field trials at our Innovation Centres, through to high level technical R&D. We want to equip growers with a better knowledge and understanding of crop rooting systems, and work together to develop practical solutions to help farmers get more from their wheat crops.


Get involved

Cultivations. Seed rates. Seed treatments. Variety vigour. Nitrogen timing/rates. PGRs.

We're looking for farmers to test the effects of all of these on root mass and depth. Register your interest and get involved in a trial, or simply follow the group's progress.

We'll provide guidance on simple Dig; Wash; Weigh; Measure tests, as well as helping to undertake more detailed analysis and break down of root structures to a microscopy level. Other look-sees will include worm counts vs root mass, alongside yield mapping and drone technology for flyovers and vigour maps. With access to our own and external experts, we can make a stepwise improvement in rooting to drive healthier plants and better yields.