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Technology makes our work possible. Our robotics and computer technologies can dispense millions of chemical samples every year, measured with incredible accuracy.

Discovering new leads

Discovering new leadsDiscovering new leadsThe UK houses our main collection of around two million different chemicals. Up to 100,000 new chemicals from a range of sources are added to the collection every year. Our scientists use innovative screening methods to test these samples and work out their crop protection potential.

Any active ingredients (AIs) that appear effective in the early screens progress through a series of increasingly sophisticated tests. These tests help our scientists understand the properties of these samples in minute detail.



Researching new leads

Researching new leadsResearching new leadsOnce the most promising new leads have been identified, sophisticated analytical techniques let our scientists work out how chemicals interact with target pests, weeds and diseases and also how they affect crops and soils. This thorough testing ensures the effectiveness of the AI. It also ensures that the final product is safe to both users and the environment.

As research continues, the chemicals are tested on plants, insects or fungal diseases under conditions as close as possible to those in the farmers' fields. At Jealott’s Hill we specialise in weed control research and have state-of-the-art glasshouses for our scientists to carry out research on a wide selection of crops in a range of climatic conditions - typical for growing the world’s major crops.