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Let’s protect our available chemistry and go back to basics:

  • Target your chemistry
    • Some diseases cannot be controlled by foliar sprays. Seed treatments are highly targeted so the field only receives a small amount of active ingredient. Choose chemistry wisely.
  • Always read and follow the label
    • Adhere to cut-off dates, drilling depth and safety advice.
  • Ensure safe handling of treated seed
    • Always wear the right PPE according to label requirements.
  • Reduce dust
    • Reduce the risk of dust by avoiding filling the hopper too quickly or from a height. Avoid shaking seed bags as they empty. Avoid breathing in dust and ensure all equipment is cleaned following use.
  • Ensure drilling is on target
    • Ensure no seed is released in transit to the field and that the drill vents are in the soil and the drill is mocing forward before the seed is released.
  • Manage spill risks
    • Carry a spill kit containing a spade and a seed bag when drilling. Fill the drill in an area where a spill can be easily cleared up. Small spills can be buried, larger spills will require clearing in to a bag or safe disposal later.
  • Ensure all treated seed is buried
    • During drilling visually check difficult areas of the field, such as corners and headlands to ensure all treated seed is buried to protect wildlife.