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PROPINO Spring Barley

Peruse PROPINO's variety vital statistics

PROPINO is a spring malting barley that has been on the Recommended List since 2010 and also has full IBD Approval for brewing. PROPINO has produced excellent yields across all regions of the UK and is still Europe’s number 1 spring malting barley.

PROPINO variety summary

Regional positioning

Performs well in all regions

Soil preference

Suitable for all soil types


Robust disease profile and early maturity

Market options

UK and Export, Fully IBD Approved (Brewing)

End-use group



Quench x NFC Tipple

Variety overview

We've compared a few varieties on the AHDB Recommended List 2017 and shared some key statistics we think you'll be interested in.  Download the variety sheet for some more in depth information you can carry with you everywhere.

Agronomic features




Straw height without PGR



(days +/- Concerto, -ve = earlier)

Resistance to brackling

 Propino  7 77 -1 8
RGT Planet  7 75 -1 8
KWS Irina 8 71 -1 9

[ ] = limited data



  Untreated Yield* Treated Yield* Eastern Yield* Western Yield* Northern Yield*
Propino 84 100 98 100 101
RGT Planet 91 105 106 106 105
KWS Irina 88 104 103 104 105

* % treated control


Grain quality


Specific Weight



(% through 2.25mm)


(% through 2.5mm) 

Nitrogen Content Hot Water Extract
Propino 68 1.1 2.4 1.48 313.2
RGT Planet 67.6 1.6 4.2 1.39 314.7
KWS Irina 65.8 2.0 4.8 1.42 314.7


Disease profile




Yellow rust


Brown rust






Propino 6 4 5 6 6
RGT Planet 9 [4] 4 6 8
KWS Irina 9 [6] 4 5 7

[ ] = limited data

Breeders Insights

PROPINO has been recommended by the AHDB for the past seven years and has had full IBD brewing approval for the past six years. And it’s still going strong! Why? Because it offers growers security and quiet confidence. It is tried and tested and always performs, providing consistently good yields, spec weight and grain quality.  Quality is hugely important when growing for the malting market and PROPINO excels is in this area.  It's big, bold grain and strong screening results year on year provide the malsters what they need and they continue to love it, despite newer varieties entering the market.  In fact, PROPINO is still Europe's number 1 malting variety. It ultimately offers multiple contract and end market options and is therefore still the best option for UK spring malting barley growers.

PROPINO allows for flexibility in drilling dates, its suitable for both early drilling and also late drilling in April. The optimum drilling timing for PROPINO is March to early April in Scotland and Mid-Februay to Mid-March in England.  PROPINO produces good yields across the UK and performs particularly well in the North and in Scotland. Interestingly, PROPINO is also one of the varieties used to provide the control means of the AHDB Recommended List. 

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