Production and Supply

Our UK Manufacturing sites form a key part of Syngenta's business. Products manufactured here are distributed worldwide and help to generate high yielding crops (used as food, feed and fuel) for an ever growing world population.

Manufacturing in the UK

We employ around 700 people in our UK manufacturing operations. We are dedicated to professional manufacturing, and we continually search for new and improved ways of delivering manufacturing excellence. Our lean production processes support some of our most important product brands, such as Amistar®, Axial®, and Karate®.

Our UK manufacturing operations are centred on two production plants; Huddersfield (northern England) and Grangemouth (Scotland). Both these plants have award winning standards in efficient, cost effective and safe delivery of products to the customer.

Producing products on a massive scale

When our scientists have identified a new active ingredient (AI) to be used in a product, our first challenge is to scale up its production for use in formulation lab tests.

The next step is to develop the manufacturing process. Our production plants have to be carefully configured to safely and effectively produce the products we need.

Both Huddersfield and Grangemouth produce active ingredients for Syngenta products. Some of these are then shipped to our production sites in countries such as Switzerland, the US, and China. Other AIs are manufactured into finished products in the UK.

Supporting production

Our Process Technology (Active Ingredients) departments at Huddersfield and Grangemouth comprise teams of chemists, chemical engineers and analysts. They provide manufacturing support and technical troubleshooting for the active ingredients manufactured on both sites. Key activities include capacity development, cost reduction and compliance projects.

The supply chain

The products we manufacture in the UK are not just for use in this country. Our global supply chain enables us to ship products to distributors worldwide. This ensures our products are available where they are needed, and allows us to react quickly to potential new markets.