Careers of Distinction - From Apprentice Acorns, Oak Tree Careers Do Grow


Wayne Dyson and Anssar Khan of Syngenta in Huddersfield have recently gained First Class qualifications by pursuing their education through part-time study.

Wayne, 35 who is now Planning and Outage Manager started his career with Syngenta as a 17 year old Apprentice Engineering Technician in 2001.

Wayne said “Way back then, I was short-listed from 100 candidates to 14 who got selected for the apprenticeship. We studied at Huddersfield New College at the time but there were only 4 taken on and I was one of them.”

Wayne started as an Apprentice Engineering Technician, working in the Engineering Maintenance Services Department and after serving his 4 year apprenticeship, he was appointed as a Task Controller.

He spent some time as an Outage Planner and also worked as a project coordinator in the Engineering Design Office. Wayne had varied roles in Engineering but felt that if he wanted to progress his career, he would benefit from further study. “I wanted to do a Degree and the Mechanical Engineering Degree chose me really, it was a perfect fit for my career” said Wayne. “Syngenta sponsored me and getting the qualification has also given me confidence in my technical knowledge as well as the skills I have learned at work.”

This summer Wayne was awarded a First Class BA Degree in Mechanical Engineering by the University of Huddersfield. Wayne said “Believe in yourself, follow your own path and if you demonstrate a willingness to work hard, opportunities will come your way.”

Anssar Khan, 43 who is now Operational Safety and Security Manager for Syngenta with a team of 27 people, also started as a Process Technician apprentice in 1990. Anssar pursued his professional qualification with Warwick University and this summer was awarded a Distinction in MSc Supply Chain and Logistics Management. Like Wayne, Anssar has held a number of roles in Syngenta, working through the grade structure of Process Manufacturing to become a Plant Manager at Syngenta, before being appointed into his current role. Anssar said “work skills and technical skills go hand in hand with doing a good job and if you’re willing to put time into your development, the company will support you through it and you’ll be ready for when opportunities come along.”

Syngenta has taken on 6 new apprentices in 2017 across a range of disciplines and will start recruiting again in February next year.