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PGR Decision Tool

Take advantage of an innovative new decision support tool to tailor cereal growth regulator applications more precisely this spring. 

Variety Specific Programmes

Understanding the growth characteristics of varieties can enable more precise tailoring of bespoke PGR programmes. New in-depth variety studies, undertaken by Syngenta and specialists at Harper Adams University College gives a picture of variety performance, to develop optimised PGR programmes.

InSpire utilises a hugely significant new database of varietal appraisal for lodging risk, calculated from crop trials by specialists at Harper Adams University College, to factor into the physical in-field influences.

Lodging meter
wheat lodging


Tailored PGR PROGRAMMES can manage plants to reduce lodging risk.

Episode 16 podcast covers the background to the InSpire PGR decision tool. In particular the record captures the details around the variety profiling trials Dr. Mitch Crook is conducting at Harper Adams University, risk factors of lodging and different variety parameters. Dr. Mitch Crook talks through stem and root measurements and lodging meter basal and anchorage strength measurements respectively.

Starts at 12:15