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  • BYDV hots up

    Product Update

    Continued hot weather means cereal crops face a high risk of BYDV infection this season. Last year proved the worst incidence for over 50 years of records in many areas, to leav...

  • Beetle hits to protect emerging OSR


    Most oilseed rape growers have opted for earlier sowing this season, in an effort to get crops up and away ahead of Flea Beetle damage.

  • Fast desiccation cuts tuber blight spread

    Product Update

    With the intense blight pressure this season hot spots of infection have popped up in most potato crops. Whilst hot dry weather in the south has dried up infections, repeated ra...

  • UK growers getting to grips with black-grass

    Product Update

    Results of the 2016 Syngenta black-grass survey have revealed that whilst issues are still getting worse for most growers, there are encouraging signs that integrated measures a...

  • Can you spot cankers?

    Innovation Centres

    Oilseed rape growers should be on the lookout for cankers on the stems of this season’s crop, to assess the success of last year’s treatments and calculate the risk to plants ov...

  • Syngenta appoints new brassica crop specialist

    Product Update

    Oliver Watts has been appointed as the Syngenta Crop Specialist for brassica cauliflower, borecole and Brussels sprout seeds. Oliver is a graduate of the renowned industry MDS s...

  • Brassica alert texts time for disease treatment

    Product Update

    Brassica Alert is now live for the 2016 season, to give growers advance warning of key disease and pest risks. They can also register to receive warnings by text message. Also,...


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