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  • Quicker way to tackle grass weeds

    Product Update

    New easy to use Axial Pro offers the chance to tackle grass weeds including rye-grass and wild oats quickly and effectively

  • Better start for beet roots

    Product Update

    Vibrance SB seed treatment protection from soil-borne pathogens that cause damping off losses can ensure more consistent plant stands and faster establishment with stronger root...

  • Alternaria protection to save green leaf area

    Product Update

    Wimbledon fortnight typically sees the start of Alternaria spray programmes, with growers and agronomists urged to be on the lookout for first signs of infection and to sample s...

  • Early trigger for Bruchid warnings

    Product Update

    Adult Bruchid beetle sexual activity hots up as temperatures increase; two days above 20C and egg laying starts in earnest. Treatment has to target adults, before larvae burrow...

  • Cool way to grow oil

    Product Update

    Following this season's late start to oilseed rape flowering, protecting green leaves will be even more important to ensure sufficient energy capture to fill seeds

  • Focus on PGR to recover wheat rooting

    Product Update

    Wheat crops that have sat for too long in waterlogged soils this winter now require every help to quickly build up a bigger root mass - with a focus on early spring Moddus appli...

  • Test Your Strength For Variety Lodging Risk

    Product Update

    Assessing the current growth of the crop, the agronomic situation and the specific variety are all crucial factors in designing an appropriate PGR Programme tailored to each cro...


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