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The winter wheat varieties exceeding 5-year average in official results

Winter Wheat

(Official AHDB Harvest Results 10.09.21)


  • Data from 26 sites is providing a good indication of variety performance.

  • Yield of control varieties are just above the 5-yr average (+0.02 t/ha).

  • The value of proven varieties: 27/44 varieties have performed below their 5-year mean but all three Syngenta hard group 4 varieties have exceeded their 5-year average in 2021.

  • Average specific weight is the lowest it has been in the last 5 years with the trial mean at 75.4 kg/hl vs the 5-year mean of 77.04 kg/hl.

  • 17 out of 44 varieties in trial have had an average specific weight of below 75 kg/hl in 2021. Despite the poor season, all 3 Syngenta hard group 4 varieties have performed above this.


  • Another exceptional year, delivering 107% of control means which places it as the highest yielding fully recommended variety this year.

  • SY INSITOR has performed consistently well across the trials network. The lowest recorded yield for SY INSITOR remains higher than all other varieties at 102% of control means.

  • SY INSITOR delivered good grain quality, in particular specific weight at 77.2 kg/hl despite the trial mean being down at 75.4 kg/hl.

  • Attractive combination of high yield and high specific weight make it a great option in low specific weight years, giving you the added security of hitting all contract specifications.


  • GLEAM doesn’t disappoint and is currently the highest yielding control variety at 105% of control means, and is currently the fourth highest yielding variety in trial year.

  • GLEAM has demonstrated its adaptability and has performed well at all sites (100%+ at all 26 sites), showing no limitations – an excellent choice in all regions.

  • GLEAM has performed well in both the main trials set and early drilled trials (105% CM).


  • A strong performance yet again from GRAHAM, really showing the value of proven varieties.

  • GRAHAM has delivered an average yield of 104% of the controls, excelling in the West again.

  • High untreated yields (114% CM), driven by good agronomics and in particular, it’s unique Septoria tritici resistance.

  • GRAHAM has also delivered reliable grain quality (2021 specific weight 76.5 kg/hl) despite the challenging conditions.