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Warm up for Bees'n'Seeds sowing

Pheasant chicks

As warmer weather has finally arrived, now is time to start planning on when, and where, to plant your Bees’n’Seeds wildflower mix, along with other wildbird food crops, writes Syngenta Environmental Initiatives Manager, Belinda Bailey.

Bees 'n' Seeds

With the cold weather through early spring soil temperatures have been below average, but it is important to be patient and make sure soils have warmed up before planting wildflower mixes, particularly those containing brassica elements. This will support a quick establishment, and help plants grow away from any potential pest damage.

Annual flower mix bee

Bees’n’Seeds can be planted up to the end of June, so we’ve put together a few pointers of things to consider when planting and to get the best possible results:

  • Look to put your Bees’n’Seeds mix in an area you think will prove attractive to a wide range of birds and beneficial insects. It can really complement other ecological features.
  • Bees’n’Seeds has been specifically selected to establish well into a wide range of soil types.
  • Sow into a weed free site.
  • Plant the seeds at a rate of 20kg/ha, using a standard drill to a depth of 15mm and at a row spacing of 35-45cm apart. This wider spacing will encourage tillering and allows in sun to warm the soils. It also gives better access to farm wildlife.
  • Following the wet winter potential nutrient leaching may have left soils low in nutrients. It is really important to feed the Bees’n’Seeds with enough nitrogen so it is able to reach its potential for seed delivery in the winter. The recommendation is for a total 60kgN /ha, ideally applying 1/3rd into the seedbed, and the remaining amount three weeks after planting.
  • The mixture is suitable for a pre-emergence herbicide and graminicide, if weeds may be a problem. Please speak to your local agronomist or the Kings Technical support team: 01379 658135 for advice.

Belinda Bailey

If you would like to find out more about the Bees’n’Seeds mix and the special offers available from Syngenta, please email Belinda Bailey on: [email protected]