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Big Farmland Bird Count 2021 is on - Get twitching

Big Farmland Bird Count Little Owl
Big Farmland Bird Count starts in February. It will record the numbers and variety of species active on farms, and demonstrate the value of great work being done

Farmers across the country are being urged to take part in the Big Farmland Bird Count (BFBC), which is back for the eigth successive year.

The nationwide citizen science project - sponsored by the NFU - calls on farmers, their families, land managers and gamekeepers to spend just 30 minutes spotting bird species on their land. It can be done at any time between the 5th and 14th February 2021.

Last year over 1500 people took part, despite the horrendous storms. This year, they want to make it even bigger and covering a wider area.

Find out more and download your recording pack here

Crucially, the results will highlight which farmland birds are thriving thanks to great conservation efforts, while identifying the ones in need of most help.

Big Farmland Bird Count logo

Cambridgeshire farmer, Tom Martin (Twitter @Farmer_Tom_UK), highlighted: “The Big Farmland Bird Count is a fantastic way to check on the status of our farmland birds, giving me a good idea of numbers and how our conservation measures may be impacting populations.

“I really believe that farmers are the answer in supporting our wildlife and stewarding our environment, and the BFBC is a great way to demonstrate that.

“Before I took part, I had no idea how many species of bird called our farm their home, and now I look forward to seeing the results each year to discover how they’re doing.”

Big Farmland Bird Count Grey Partridge

NFU President, Minette Batters, added: “Alongside producing climate-friendly food, farmers are working hard to maintain and improve the iconic British countryside by enhancing habitats, supporting pollinators and soils, and protecting wildlife.

“Last year saw record numbers of farmers braving stormy weather to take part and record many different threatened species of farmland birds.

“I am pleased that the NFU is able to sponsor this event and I would encourage all farmers to take part so we can again pull together a vital national snapshot of the state of the nation’s farmland birds.”

Big Farmland Bird Count Lapwing

Find out more and download your recording pack here