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Top T1 Tips

Product Update
Sprayer cereals

DOs and DON’Ts for this year’s T1


√ DO defend the crop early

We don’t have the ability to cure Septoria tritici with triazoles like we used to. Take a defensive stand with a T1 fungicide.


x DON’T let grain price lull you into skimping

It might be tempting, but skimp at T1, and by the time the flag leaf is out, yield potential could be irreversibly lost.


√ DO remember the benefits of including BRAVO

BRAVO adds extra T1 firepower against Septoria and has no known Septoria tritici resistance.


√ DO remember a three-pronged approach

Use a three-pronged approach (of SDHI + triazole + BRAVO) at T1. Even in the low disease year of 2015, yields in trials fell by 0.4 t/ha if an SDHI was omitted at T1.


√ DO remember the importance of persistence

Failing to use a T1 fungicide that lasts long enough simply allows disease to come in later – especially if T2 is delayed.


√ DO utilise correct application

At Syngenta, we work hard at our application trials to ensure our treatments deliver optimum performance. Check out our new-look website for specific application tips.


x DON’T be complacent with rust

Yellow rust is able to cause even more yield damage than Septoria, so it would be foolish not to build in adequate rust activity at T1 to manage disease.


For more information on preventative T1 strategies – including access to a handy, new T1 decision tree to help with your T1 fungicide choices