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Syngenta winter wheat varieties are yielding well across UK trials

Product Update
Shabras winter wheat harvest

Trial results from our Innovation Centres across the country are starting to come in and the Syngenta portfolio of winter wheats are performing very well.

Varieties assessed include the hard group 4 wheats: SHABRAS, GRAHAM, REFLECTION and the candidate variety GLEAM as well as the new soft group 4 wheat, SAVELLO.

Kathryn Hamlen, Technical Crop Expert for Conventional Genetics comments on varietal performance.

"We're really pleased with how our varieties have performed, especially in the season we've had. Shabras has got lots to offer above and beyond its yield and has stood well, particularly in a bad lodging year. Graham continues to excel with his Septoria tritici resistance resulting in high yields across the country. Gleam, our candidate variety, has also impressed with its incredibly high yields. Combined with OWBM resistance and a good lodging score we're looking forward to doing more work with Gleam in the coming trials year."   

We will be updating you with more trial results as they come in; so far we have the results from our Innovation Centres in the North and West.

Northern Results (Syngenta Trials an average of 4 sites: York, Berwick, Newark, Market Stainton)

  • SHABRAS, GLEAM and GRAHAM are leading the way in yield in the hard group 4 category with good specific weights
  • REFLECTION is showing good yield and second highest specific weight of the hard group 4s
  • SAVELLO has very good yield and a respectable specific weight in the soft group 4 category

Yield Results from Northern Innovation Centres

Western Results (Syngenta Trials an average of 3 sites: Oxford, Hampshire, Dorset)

  • GLEAM and GRAHAM are topping the group 4 varieties with yields of over 14.3 t/ha
  • Across 3 sites with high yield potential, SHABRAS is yielding nearly 13.9 t/ha with REFLECTION just behind

Yield Results from Western Innovation Centres

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