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Syngenta varieties stand out from the crowd in latest AHDB trials results

Product Update

There are now 10 harvest results from AHDB 2016 Winter Wheat trials, with Syngenta varieties continuing to stand out from the crowd. 

Over the five year mean, Shabras has second highest treated yield of all the winter wheat wheats, coming in at 106% of the control means.  As with many of our newer wheat varieties, Shabras combines these excellent yields with early maturity, allowing for an earlier harvest before the rain sets in.  Its overall disease resistance of a 6 for Septoria tritici and a 9 for Yellow Rust should prove a winning combination.

Savello is our soft wheat candidate with potential to fit the distilling market.  Over the past two years it has performed very well, particularly in the North, we are currently awaiting Northern results to see if this year follows the pattern we have seen before.

Reflection has yielded well in RL trials, despite some concerns over its disease resistance early in the season.  Reflection’s 5 year mean sits at over 103% controls, showing its yield potential is in the top pack of the established varieties, and above other hard feed varieties KWS Santiago and JB Diego. So even an unprecedented high disease pressure year Reflection has shown it can deliver. Its 2016 yield result is not far from the 103% 5 year average (102.3%), and we have excellent reports of on-farm yields (check out our yield map). Reflection also has earlier maturity, short stiff straw and a high specific weight.

Make sure you also take a look at Graham, as it is having a fantastic year with an average treated yield of 106% of the control means in 2016 trials and performing highly across all the sites in so far.  Hopefully you managed to see Graham at one of our Innovation Centres of Platform Sites this year.  We saw fantastic disease resistance over the year, with disease only creeping in during late July.  Along with this, Graham is early maturing with good grain quality and strong straw.  This is the first year you can try Graham out, so if you are interested make sure you put your orders in soon, ‘he’ seems a very popular choice this year! Read more about Graham.