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Syngenta spring barley varieties fairing well in latest AHDB results

Product Update
Laureate spring barley

There are now 11 harvest results published on the AHDB website, and Syngenta’s new varieties feature prominently.

Laureate came storming onto the scene last December with a yield of 107%, and was newly recommended on the 2016/17 RL, and this year’s yields look to be following this trend.  Currently yielding at 105% over a 5 year mean, Laureate is the highest yielding non-GN of this year’s harvest results so far, only 1% behind the highest yielding variety overall.  In the past, there was a big yield gap between the high yielding GN producing malting barleys (with end use for brewing only), and the non-GN varieties (suitable for distilling as well). Laureate is the variety that is bridging this gap.  With Provisional Approval for brewing and distilling awarded this June, and large scale pilot testing going ahead in the new year, Laureate is a very interesting option for growers looking for a high yielding malting barley, with the potential to be used for both end uses.

Our new grain distilling option is the new variety Fairing.  Again it was fully recommended on the 2016/17 RL, and has very competitive yields compared to the Belgravia, the only variety on the list with Full Approval for Grain Distilling.  On current harvest results from the AHDB, Fairing is currently giving a 7% increase in yield over Belgravia on a 5 year mean and a 14% increase for H2016.  With very high inherent % grain N, and Provisional Approval for Grain distilling, Fairing is a real option for those growing for this specific end use.