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SY INSITOR Technical Update

Product Update

SY INSITOR is a high yielding hard group 4 feed wheat candidate, that has performed consistently over years, regions and rotational positions.

  • High consistent yield
  • Strong performance in all regions and rotational positions
  • Excellent Specific Weight
  • Strong disease resistance profile with OWBM resistance

SY Insitor 2019 YieldSY Insitor 2 year mean

In 2019 SY INSITOR was the highest yielding variety in Syngenta trials.

Over 2 years SY INSITOR has consistently given very high yields, with the highest yields of the top yielding varieties over a 2 year mean.

SY Insitor spec weight

  • As well as excellent yields SY INSITOR brings very high grain quality including exceptional specific weights. 
  • It is relatively early to mature, coming into ear at a similar time to Gleam and Shabras.
  • SY INSITOR is a tall variety in untreated situations, but shows a very strong height reduction when treated with a PGR.

SY INSITOR is currently an AHDB Candidate, with promising first results coming in from harvest 2019 trials it is one to watch in the coming months.

Source: Syngenta trials Harvest 2018 and 2019

SY INSITOR is not yet National Listed.  This is a Technical Update and does not constitute an offer of sale