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Spring Barley Performs Strongly in Black-grass Battle

Laureate spring barley

With another big spring barley year predicted there are many options out there for variety choice. Picking the right one for you is important. Key to this is knowing the end market you are growing for: brewing, distilling, grain distilling or feed? 


PROPINO is fully approved by the IBD for brewing. It is a highly consistent variety with excellent on farm performance delivering both yield and malting quality. Black-grass control is proving to become more difficult every year and spring cropping is a proven cultural method to improve control. Due to its highly competitive nature, many growers are now turning to PROPINO as an option for black-grass suppression in their rotations. 

Knowing your market before you make agronomic decisions is key to producing the right crop of PROPINO.

It is important to decide what is most important if you chose PROPINO – is quality the number one aim or is it black-grass suppression you really want to achieve? For black-grass control it is possible to increase seed rates and put higher rates of total Nitrogen on to the crop to increase the suppression. However if achieving malting is the main aim, total grain N needs to meet contract specifications, and increased seed rates can increase levels of screenings. 


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