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Sneak preview: Vibrance® Duo yield results

Product Update
Green Leaf Area with Vibrance Duo vs Redigo Deter

Vibrance® Duo is a new SDHI-based seed treatment that has so far shown advantages in quick emergence and good establishment as well as improving root growth. This helps the crop scavenge for soil moisture and maximise nutrient uptake - all creating a more resislient plant against stress, pests and diseases. 

This is all great news but what does that mean when it comes to harvest? Well it looks like it means yield, and lots of it! You can see from the photo above that, even in July, the Vibrance® Duo treated plot on the left has maintained a greener canopy which could go some way into explaining the yield increase. 

We've been eagerly awaiting the yield results from sites across the country and are very excited to share them with you now. Stay tuned as more results come in from other Innovation Centres.  

York Innovation Centre 

Crockey Hill, York - Vibrance Duo Yield Results


Oxford Innovation Centre

Oxford - Vibrance Duo Yield Results

Crowland Trial Site

Crowland Trial Site Results

Newark Innovation Centre

Newark Innovation Centre Results

More to follow as #harvest17 continues!