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Reflection delivers encouraging results

Product Update
Reflection combine

Early to mid-August harvest results have shown encouraging yields for winter feed wheat variety Reflection, reports technical crop expert for Syngenta, Kathryn Hearn. 

“As an earlier-maturing winter wheat, Reflection yields have obviously been among the first to come in,” says Ms Hearn. 

“So far, we’ve heard of Reflection yields at 9 t/ha on lighter land and over 11 t/ha elsewhere. And we’ve been hearing of very encouraging specific weights.

“Yellow rust was reported earlier in the season, but the feeling we picked up among growers at the time was that judgement would be reserved until harvest.

Reflection combining

“Reflection also offers growers an early-maturing variety, with short stiff straw which offers a smooth harvest. On top of this Reflection is resistant to orange wheat blossom midge and has excellent grain quality. 

“With Reflection yields coming in at such good levels, more and more growers are confirming they will grow the variety again.”