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Reduce seasonal risk with new wheat SY INSITOR

Product Update

SY INSITOR is a yield powerhouse and is aptly named after the agricultural deity involved with the sowing of crops. Arguably, the most attractive trait for a hard group 4 winter wheat is high yield potential and SY INSITOR brings just that. It joined the RL last year as the highest yielding variety within the hard group 4 sector, bringing a significant yield advantage above the existing commercial varieties.

Huge yield potential

  • Highest yielding option in the North in all three Scottish Agronomy RL trials 2019
  • Highest yielding option in the West
  • Highest yielding hard group 4 in the East

However, variety selection is now based on much more than yield and another critical aspect to consider is grain quality – a key component of that is specific weight.  SY INSITOR delivers a step change for both yield and specific weight.

Experience has shown that varieties with inherently high specific weight tend to perform relatively well in more stressful seasons, particularly with droughty springs where nutrient uptake is limited, like in 2020.

Matt Bull, Syngenta Seeds Technical Expert

SY INSITOR also delivers in more challenging scenarios, achieving impressive yields in the delayed drilling slot which is now very common practice with integrated management of grass weeds and BYDV risk. When adopting delayed drilling, selecting varieties with good early vigour and over winter development is advisable. SY INSITOR fits extremely well here.

Next season will be the first full season for many years that growers will have to contend with Septoria tritici without the benefit of the multi-site fungicide, chlorothalonil, for tackling resistance. We would strongly advocate selecting a variety with a good Septoria resistance. SY INSITOR has a robust Septoria tritici rating which will reduce risk if we are to experience a higher-pressure year next season. Improved resistance also means the variety will be more forgiving in seasons where fungicide timings might be compromised because of weather.

SY INSITOR has the added benefit of OWBM resistance which further reduces risks.

Why grow SY INSITOR? 

  • The joint highest yielding feed wheat in ALL regions  
  • Fantastic grain quality with a specific weight of 78.3kg/hl
  • Robust disease package with a solid 6.6 for Septoria tritici
  • Excellent first and second wheat
  • Delivers high yields on different soil types
  • OWBM resistant