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Product Update
Phoma leaf spot - advanced
Phoma leaf spot - advanced

The latest issue of Crop Production Magazine - CPM - features an in-depth Tech Talk packed with the latest science expertise and practical advice to help growers and agronomists with Phoma control in OSR this season.

CPM Tech Talk page - Phoma

Click on the page image or here to download a pdf version of the CPM report.

Professor Jon West of Rothamsted Research (below) outlines the pathology of this most damaging OSR disease - which is still the most widespread infection to affect the crop.

Jon West - Rothamsted Research

The feature highlights that early infection has the most serious implications for yield loss, and reinforces the need for quick intervention to prevent leaf spots from reaching the stem - where they will develop into cankers in the spring.

"On susceptible varieties, a two-spray autumn fungicide regime is advisable if phoma leaf spotting occurs early in the autumn," it reports.  

Furthermore, the feature includes the experiences and control strategy of Bedfordshire grower, Joe Cole (below). 

Joe Cole - OSR grower

Farming 830 hectares of arable cropping, based at Russells Farm, Kimpton and on contract farms on the Beds/Herts borders, Joe reported that most seasons he would look to make a specific Phoma treatment as soon as infection begins to take hold.

“It’s important to get the timing right, which would normally be as a specific pass for the Phoma,” he advocated.

Timing is typically influenced by his agronomist, based on infection levels in surrounding crops and treatment thresholds. “However, last year, the weather conditions prevented the early application and we ended up combining the Phoma treatment with a propyzamide herbicide application,” added Joe.

He reported that the single application of Plover last year was sufficient to clean up the crop and effectively protected it for the rest of the autumn. However, if treatment was earlier and reinfection occured, a second application would be required. At the later timing he would potentially look to bolster Light Leaf Spot control, if it was considered to be a threat, by adding tebuconazole to the tank mix. 

You can read more of Joe's adcvice and all the CPM Tech Talk by downloading the pdf or by visiting the CPM website here.