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Phoma Alert spots rapid Phoma spread

Product Update
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Adas monitoring of reference OSR trial crops for Phoma leaf spotting infection provides growers and agronomists with valuable insight in variety performance and in-season autumn fungicide timing, to prevent damaging cankers developing in the spring

Phoma Alert has picked up the surge in Phoma infection breaking out in oilseed rape crops across the country.

Latest reports have highlighted the exceptionally rapid development in the north and western regions, with spots now occurring in Adas monitored crops in the eastern counties.

Affected plots have gone from zero to up to 90% of plants with visible spots in less than a week, ranging from 35% of plants upwards.

The research has shown that all varieties are susceptible to leaf spotting infection, irrespective of their Phoma stem canker rating.

With all monitored plots showing infection in the Yorkshire and Herefordshire well over threshold, Plover treatments will be applied as soon as possible.

Early Phoma leaf spotting

On-going monitoring will compare treated and untreated plots of varieties with varying resistance ratings. The information will provide valuable update on disease progression and the need for follow up treatment timing this season.

Furthermore, James Southgate provides an insight into why Phoma has proven so difficult this season? – with a detailed Q&A and video.

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