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Nitrogen to get the best from your HYVIDO® Hybrid Barley

Product Update
Hyvido barley ears at harvest
Hyvido barley ears at harvest - shading out black-grass competition

HYVIDO® yields can be boosted above and beyond conventional winter varieties when grown in the right way – applying the correct Nitrogen programme is critical to this.

Our advice: Do not delay!

Apply your Nitrogen in 3 splits (30%:50%:20%)

  • Your first Nitrogen split must be applied as soon as you can travel in the spring (approx. GS25).
  • Your second Nitrogen split is the main application. This should be applied at or just before GS31, typically 3-4 weeks after the first application.
  • Apply the final split 2-3 weeks after the second application.
  • ​​If the weather allows, your Nitrogen application programmes should typically be complete by the end of April at the latest.


Why is early Nitrogen application so important?

HYVIDO® grows vigorously in the spring, and therefore it is essential that Nitrogen is available early enough to support this. 

Yields have been boosted by up to 1.0 t/ha just by following the correct Nitrogen timings and doses.

HYVIDO® crops with a large number of tillers/m2 should still have early Nitrogen applied as outlined above.  Nitrogen is needed to support growth and HYVIDO® will regulate tiller number later in the season.


Reminder about the HYVIDO® Cashback Yield Guarantee

The agronomic inputs and practices described in the HYVIDO® growing protocol, which are both simple and flexible, should be followed to remain eligible for the HYVIDO ® Cashback Yield Guarantee and maximise yield.