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New high-yielding hybrid barley available this autumn

Product Update
Hyvido Sunningdale

A new, high-yielding hybrid winter feed barley will be available this autumn in response to continued strong demand for hybrids.


The new hybrid, Hyvido Sunningdale, has the joint top UK treated yield figure on the AHDB winter barley Recommended List, alongside popular hybrid Hyvido Bazooka, says Samantha Brooke, seed manager for Syngenta – producing 109% of control varieties.


Impressively, it also has the highest treated yield figure on the List in the North, delivering 113% of control varieties, she adds.


“Hyvido hybrid barleys are noted for delivering high yields,” says Mrs Brooke, “and plantings have escalated over recent years – to the extent they now account for about a quarter of the UK winter barley area."


“Hyvido Volume has played a central role in this growth. More recently it has been joined by Hyvido Bazooka, which raised hybrid barley yields even higher. Now, Hyvido Sunningdale, which was added new to the AHDB Recommended List for 2017/18, brings growers another high-yielding option.


“Although its percentage yield is highest in the North, it does have UK-wide recommendation, and is an ideal alternative to Hyvido Bazooka, which for this autumn is proving particularly popular. Hyvido Sunningdale is also slightly earlier maturing than Bazooka for growers looking for an earlier harvest,” Mrs Brooke adds.


Usefully, Mrs Brooke says Hyvido Sunningdale has good resistance to the wet weather disease of Rhynchosporium – with a rating of seven on the AHDB Recommended List and is slightly shorter strawed than Bazooka.


“Hyvido hybrid barleys are recognised for vigorous growth and being resilient to a range of different growing conditions. It isn’t unusual so see the yield advantage of hybrids over conventional winter barley being even greater in farm situations than in trials.


“With its high yields, early maturity and good Rhynchosporium resistance, Hyvido Sunningdale is poised to be an important winter feed barley introduction,” Mrs Brooke concludes.


Hyvido Sunningdale – key points

  • New hybrid winter feed barley
  • Joint highest UK treated yield figure alongside Hyvido Bazooka
  • Four percentage points higher yielding than Hyvido Bazooka in the North
  • Early maturity, good Rhynchosporium resistance and long straw