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Loss of Chlorothalonil

Product Update


Syngenta is disappointed that the EU Standing Committee held on 21-22 March voted for the non-renewal of the approval of Chlorothalonil. 


We stand by our products and science. We do so in the public domain, with regulators, with government and of course with farmers.


Moreover, we strive to ensure that the fundamental precondition for the successful use of our products is met: that they are used safely and correctly.


In the UK the loss of this active will cause disproportionate impact to growers as compared to continental peers due to the agronomic conditions, with particular impact for cereal production. Chlorothalonil is a key fungicide in the tool box and a resistance breaker and its loss may create knock on impact for fungal control. Alternative treatments are highly limited and in many instances there are none. The European Commission again provided no impact assessment.


The ‘use up/sell out’ phase for the product is yet to be determined and communicated by UK authorities.