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Laureate is proving its worth in Scotland

Product Update
Laureate in ear in Scotland

Laureate is the newest spring barley from Syngenta and offers high yield across all regions as well as a strong agronomic profile.

There are now 8 AHDB Recommended List Spring Barley sites from Scotland available and Laureate has yet again performed extremely well in the North. In Scotland, Laureate has a 2017 average yield of 107% CM, soaring ahead of the market leading variety, Concerto, by 11%. 

Laureate’s untreated yield is following the pattern of last year, currently giving the highest yields in an untreated situation. Data is still coming in but a good start for Laureate, reflecting its strong overall disease resistance.

As well as very high yields, Laureate achieved Full approval for brewing and malt distilling on the IBD approved List in June this year, making it a strong choice for growers in 2018.

According to Sam Brooke, Seed and Seed Treatment Manager for Syngenta, Laureate will be extremely popular for harvest 2018.

Laureate has strong support and demand from both farmers and end-users alike due to its agronomic advantages and excellent quality.

Another Syngenta variety performing in Scotland this year is the feed variety Scholar.  It is the highest yielding feed spring barley in Scotland on current data, with very good straw characteristics and a high specific weight. Scholar is a great choice for those looking for a straight feed option, a barn filler with good specific weight and short, stiff straw.