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Latest app gives farmers an insight into hybrid barley returns

Product Update
Hyvido Calculator

UK winter barley growers considering switching to a hybrid variety can use the "Hybrid Barley Calculator" to work out their potential return on investment when compared to a conventional variety. 

Click here to download the app on Android, iPhone and iPad for free.

Recently we have seen the cost of conventional barley seed increase whilst the hybrid seed cost remains stable, this is reflected in the new app to give an accurate reflection of the current market. If you have ever considered growing a hyvido variety, 2018 is the year to do it.

Based on AHDB Recommended List yield data, the app allows users to select an appropriate grain price and region. In addition, other potential benefits of growing a hybrid, such as the value of extra black-grass suppression and the value of a yield boost in oilseed rape grown after a hybrid, can also be factored in, if relevant.

“Growing a vigorous-developing hybrid can bring numerous benefits, not just yield,” says Mr Bullen. “So it is useful for growers to be able to easily assess the overall value of a hybrid if thinking of switching. 

In addition, OSR drilling has been postponed for 2019 harvest meaning some growers may have missed their drilling window. For growers considering alternative cropping, hyvido remains a good option. Across 3 years of trials we have consistently seen hybrid barley's ability to yield even when drilled into early-November. We would recommend increasing seed rate to 250 seeds/m2 in a late drilling situation to improve establishment.